I found out how hard it is to change, really change. Even hell can get comfortable if you're used to it. All I wanted my whole life, was for that lonliness inside me to go away. But, it never did, no matter what I drank, or what drug I took, or where I went, who I was with. We all need something to help us get through life. All I needed was to find the right thing to rely on, something that would never go away, something I would never run out of. Turned out to be the same thing for everybody. And the funny thing was, it was there all the time, in those little glimpses of heaven in every day.
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The few that can hang onto this, rise above in a way that few can. It is the epitome of being human. It is why we're here. Own this.

I completely agree :)

You needed Openness of The Expression to Express your openly at any place, Which is to completely accept and Love Yourself and To have The Love and Comfort of A True Friend, If you HUG Someone Each Day you will Grow in Comfort and Connection It will even make you feel comfortable with yourself and life in any area or place, And You will Full of Warmth and Not Complete Emptiness....4444(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)<<<<333344447777

I like a good quote and this is one if the best I ve seen. I hope people who have been there read this and they ll find the strength as you did to truly change their life positively.