I Am An Atheist
This is a warning if you get involved in this group you might be kicked out because they will think you are a spammer, so a lot of them will go to your page and report you for spamming. They got TylerAndTina kicked out of here and that was not even the troll. If you enter this room then they will go to your page and start copying your stories to make it their own stories, so they can mock you and they want to humiliate you, so they copy and paste your stories, so other people can mock you too. They made fun of my learning disability. I got banned and then they start talking bad about me because I got banned. They humiliate others by purposely getting them kicked off and bashing them while you are gone. Please report this room. I would stay out.
nonatheisrgroupie nonatheisrgroupie
46-50, F
Aug 25, 2014