"The ties that bind us are sometimes impossible to explain. They connect us even after it seems the ties should be broken. Some ties defy distance and time and logic because some ties are simply....meant to be."
(Grey's Anatomy...never watched the show but like the quote)
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Very human !!!

Yes....it is :)

Great quote - and true too....long lost friends that come back into our lives picking up right where they left off or people that you connect with on sites like these, I've never met them but feel the strong connection like we've been friends for years.

It's true...and so appropriate for this site. I've seen strong friendships and love matches here. It's so odd but so amazing.... ;)

I wonder how this site would have affected my life if it had been around when I was 20.

Lmao...it's funny you write that because I wonder that, as well. I may have done a hell of a lot more travelling....lol...

lol - yeah - me too.

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I like this. The older I get the more I am starting to see that not everything has a perfect, ironclad logical explanation. Some things just are just meant to be.

Absolutely!!! I'm a bit of a fatalist...I truly believe we're all on a path.