Sagan Showed Me My Place.

" We are the Universe looking back at itself."


Before you get all "Pffft, new age weener."

I should tell you that I am not a "new age weener" and I am a little hurt that you said that.

I study chemistry and biology. So, I am a scientist and distance myself from the new age scene and, we being the universe

looking back at itself is just too true on an atomic level.

We are made entirely of molecules that are made of atoms.

Those molecules were created by the forces of nature.

I think I sometimes forget that the forces of nature do not stop at the surface of the Earth.

Rather everything everywere, as far as we know, has the same laws of physics.

And those laws have created the nature of our existence. Molecular charge, shape, weight, all of these things play a role in what every thing is.

Those molecules carrying out our complex motabolism are not doing so out of a desire to keep itself doing it's part in the chain of functions.

No, it is doing what it is doing because negative is atracted to positive.

So, we really are the Universe. We are its result of matter and some boundries to the nature of that matter, and how that matter is arange throughout the Universe.

We are it.

BOOOM is the sound of my head exploding!!!!!

Side note: There is a small group of very squeeky wheels in a very small Christian group who like to claim all sorts of nonsense about how science is the wrong way and the Bible, a book writen by humans, is the way we should question our world.

Well, I don't see how God can't be apart of a scientifically informed world. Most other religous groups agree.

I am still amazed by how I will never understand what we are or why we are here.  I nor anyone else can answer the questions of what and where we are.

deadmagicbones deadmagicbones
26-30, M
Feb 25, 2010