My Spanking Dream

for several weeks now i have had many wet dreams and all of them the same.

i am in be asleep in my throng and night shirt, and as the clocks stroke midnight a mystery woman breaks through my front door, up the stairs and rips me out of my bed. she wears black leather pants and tall leather boots with high heels of the same colors. she also wears a black hoodie. she also wears a balaclava. so she rips me out of my bed and strips me down to my bare bootie. bending me over the bed and strapping my down. so i am 100% immovable. she then lights the the completely dark room with a single lit scented candle smelling of cherries. my favorite. when that is done she pats my bum and and strokes it for ten minutes while applying lotion to my bare bum. she then gets paddles, whips, rulers, and more aply's them all with lotion to make it hurt more and sting my bum even harder and then with one sharp strike starts the spanking each harder then the first never stopping, never getting out of breath. swapping between the tools until sunrise with each hit i give out of cry of pain and pleasure the pleasure of being totally controlled and being punished like a naughty girl. really turns me on hard. when sunrise comes along she stops, for the first time of the night, untied me and told me to bend over a big leather chair in the corner of my room. i was told to stay in the bent over position for 90 painful minutes then i was to be let free. or so i thought, each dream falling for it over and over again. i was told to sit on a hard wood stool in the kitchen looking in the mirror at my now ruby red bare butt sitting there for hours on end my butt still burning for the sound spanking i had received that night. not alowing to rub my sore bottom once or to even apply any lotion taking away any pain. every hour on the hour i was put over her knee and spanked like a little girl. - what does this mean. help me. i want this to happen.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

That means you crave a spanking..and sex with a dominant woman....I guess.