I Like a Good Spanking . . .

. . . which is a surprise to me but yesterday when my husband found out that I bought an expensive pair of shoes, he turned me over his lap and before I knew what was what he had my skirt up and my panties down and he gave me an ***-reddening I'll never forget. I was totally in shock; he'd never done anything like that before. I screamed like a banshee from ******* so hard. My *** is still red today and I still can't sit down for very long . . .  
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Nice story. You don't say what you enjoyed about it. Maybe words are unnecessary. Maybe it's just this thing we have that says it all.

You don't say what your finances are like. By that I mean did you have the money to spend or are you living from paycheck to paycheck as many couples do. If you are living from paycheck to paycheck that maybe the reason he gave you a good sound spanking. Your husband must have felt that you had to get the message that your actions were unacceptable and thus he decided a spanking was in order. I am curious if he said anything after he spanked you.

do not forget the men who enjoys getting spankedI enjoy giving a woman a spanking but I rather receiving one the feeling you get from a woman who knows how to redden you butt with her hand,paddles,or a belt I am a lucky man that I have a few women who is into spankings and it is not just women who **** from a very sound spanking as I had this happen to me a few years ago ,when she saw what I did she gave me a few dozen more swats and what she did next was just icing on the cake for me

I wish my husband would do that to me :-( I need to get regular spankings so badly. I just yearn for them. That bottom tingling lack of control. Having yourself vulnerable and lovingly put across a mans lap for a sound bare bottomed spanking for your own good. Oh, how I crave this. You're so lucky!!<br />
That was one hot story. I loved reading it!!

I think I feel the same as you do spanked1277. My partner thinks my obsession is ridiculous and will not have any of it. I agree it is a bit strange but the thought is still thrilling to me. Unfortunately she just does not 'get' what the whole spanko thing is all about. I do not pester her because I know she will never enjoy it. Have you considered looking for it elsewhere? Would that be a problem for you? What would happen if your husband found out? If my GF felt the way you do about it she would be regularly spanked and I'm sure I would be regularly thanked. I stay with her because our relationship is polite, respectful and considerate in other respects and worth preserving. Why do you stay with him?

Wow that is totally hot. Next time my GF does something I'm spanking her!