Didn't Really Realize It,...

...but a couple years ago I met a lady online who opened my eyes to the joy of spanking. I'm not all that thrilled with the thought of being the spank-ee, mind you, just the spank-er! Let me tell you the story...and if the lady recognizes herself, I'd love to hear from her again...

She was a spina bifida child, born and raised in eastern Europe. Her condition was relatively mild, mind you, and went undiagnosed until she was about 10 years old. It manifested itself only in a tendency for urinary incontinence, and her parents and teachers considered her to be simply too lazy to hold her pee. Her parents and other adult relatives would spnk her when she had an accident and the teachers used a cane for the same offenses. After many trips to the physicians throughout her youth, they finally diagnosed her condition accurately, and, considering there was no other viable option, put her in diapers.

This, of course, took care of (but would never actually solve) the problem. She later went through nurse's training, and moved to the United States to live with some relatives. She got a good job at a geriatric center and finally moved into her own apartment. She (obviously) still wears a diaper, and at night, plastic pants for added protection. She has learned to live with her condition, but has great difficulty becoming intimate. Apparently her condition tends to scare people off in that respect, though personally I don't understand that part.

She has, however, a lingering, burning hang-up - or better yet, a fetish -  about the spankings. She longs for the time she could wear real girls' panties, and would wet them...and get spanked for being naughty. We would chat online for what seemed like hours about anything and everything. She is a lovely, intelligent lady and (considering I was nearly twice her age) she'd call me "Uncle". Sometimes she'd get a little quiet while we were chatting, and I knew she had wet herself. I would ask if she had and she would reluctantly admit to it. "Yes, Uncle, I have wet my little girl panties." I would take her over my knee (online, of course), lift her skirt up (she doesn't like to wear slacks) and with my hand and/or a hairbrush, administer a sound spanking. Most often this was done through her wet panties, so the sound was a "Splank!" instead of just a "Smack!" She would moan at first, then after awhile, the moans would turn to OMG's. She'd end up in an "O", quite often (according to her) without even touching herself.

I ended up with some health problems and was in and out of hospitals for a couple years, so we lost touch. I hope she has found someone who can understand and appreciate her situation her needs. I miss her.

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I to like being the spank-er,I like spanking little girls, the only ones I have spanked were cousins and family friends and on bare bottom.

That was a lovely story. I wish you could find her, too! It's so sad, when a person like that moves away, and you could only wish, that they would keep in touch. I wish you the Best, in trying to find her! I, too live in America, but I haven't been lucky enough in finding anyone like that, someone who is caring and lovely, towards a creature of Beauty, love, and understanding. sigh!

Sweet... I hope so too!