I Didn't Even Do Anything.

kim found ryan's phone, and didn't like all the texts & calls she saw between us. i've been in love with ryan since i met him in 1997, but i only kissed him once and that was way before he was with her. i have deep feelings for him, and he's really attractive - but i've done a great job of acting with integrity and in the interest of preserving our friendship, rather than just giving in to desire. i have no reason to feel guilty, but i do anyway.
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They broke up. He got into some trouble and went to jail. (!!!) <br />
I moved to California and have a wonderful boyfriend, who happens to be a very close childhood friend to both of us. He had already broken off ties with Ryan by the time we reconnected after high school. I still wonder if he's ok now. :(

Sweetie, you posted this story two and half years ago, how is it going with Kim and Ryan. Just curious... is all. I am Bonnie.

ryan is one lucky fella your stunning