Still Her Boy

I grew up with a mother who administered discipline with a riding crop. This past Christmas I went home for a few weeks.
I am 33 and hadnt been at home in years.  Long story short I got very drunk with hold high school buddies and ended 
up bent over the sofa in the living room bare bottomed. She took out her old weapon a riding crop and administered
100 swats on my tender cheeks. Later my younger brother ( 17 ) came down and saw me standing in the corner of the
dining room slacks around my ankles. He was shocked and started to laugh when Mom came in the room.  Before I 
knew it he was standing next to me bare bottomed and bruised while Mom chatted on the phone with a friend.
I confess I found it very painful and at the same time arousing.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

i to was smacked on my bare bottom as an Adult by my Mum . i was Raised very strict and smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young . 1950s Discipline in most homes was strict . the cane was used in Schools and it was LEGAL back then .

Being aroused from something like that is very common (especially thinking about it afterwards) and not really a problem. But even with arousal, it can have very beneficial effects on your behavior.

thanks for your words !

Perhaps you need that sort of attentionmore often in your daily lfe!

thank you Ms. I think perhaps you are indeed correct!

i Agree and Approved .your Mum has my Respect NaughtyMan .