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Fingered My Sister's ***

This wasn't the third time I had been with my sister, but it was the next big event that happened. Even though we had had sex already, my sister and I didn't have it often. I was of course an incredibly horny freshmen in high school, but she was a bit more reserved as a Senior. Sometimes we would make out, other times oral, and on special occasions we would make love. Sometimes I would wake to her climbing in my bed at night, just to snuggle. She would wake me, kiss me on the lips, and say she loved me and then cuddle into me and fall asleep.
One week in Early February, there was a huge snowfall and school was canceled for the day. These situations seemed to be the only times Kelly and I truly had the house to ourselves, as Mom and Dad had work. I remember waking just enough to have my mom so no school before she left for work. Dad was always out hours before I woke. So I went back to sleep and slept in for a few hours. I woke up a few hours later and went searching for Kelly.
I snuck into her room, and there she was, under the covers, fast asleep. I lifted the covers to slide in next to her and realized she was stark naked. With her back turned to me, I stared at her gorgeous skin which ran down her spine, over she thin waist, and to her ***. I loved her ***. Whenever we would make out, I would always grab a handful of it. And whenever I was lucky enough to have her doggy style, I loved to just stare at it.
I had now gotten into **** a little more, and noticed a reoccurring theme in many videos. At some point, there would be anal play. I didn't know if Kelly was into that at all, but I was certainly intrigued. As she was fast asleep, I figured this might be the only time I could explore her without her asking questions. I slide the cover off of her bare ***, and spread her *** cheeks just enough to get a glimpse of her rosebud. I'd heard that term used in a video, and now that I was staring at her *******, I believed it was proper. Every inch of my sister, apparently even her *******, appeared to be carved from beauty itself.
Kelly woke, and saw was I was doing and figured I was about to give her oral. She said goodmorning, and how about some 69. After stripping, she pulled me onto the bed, and rolled on top of my as she took my **** into her mouth completely. She never teased the head of my **** in the beginning. She always liked to take my **** all the way down till her hit my balls on the first suck. I raised my head between her legs and started sucking on her *****.
As my tongue slid in and out of her ***** lips, my hands roamed her gorgeous legs, up and down. As she picked up pace and facefucked herself on my ****, my hands slid to her *** cheeks and pulled her ***** into my face. My thumbs rested over her ******* and I couldn't help but start to massage it. As I sucked on her ***** more and more, my tongue probing her deeper, I allowed my index finger to slide over her *******. Slowly I rubbed the dip of her ***, and then quickly inserted my index finger into her *******. She released my **** as if coming up for air and let out a loud moan.
“Oh my God, is that your finger in my *******?” She asked, as I began to finger **** her ***. I inserted my middle finger as well and she moaned again. “Oh this is so wrong. Don't stop.”
She then slammed her mouth back down on my ****, as she was desperately hungry for it. I continued sucking on her ***** while I finger ****** her ******* harder and harder, deeper into her ***. The moans that she couldn't hold back vibrated around my **** as she sucked it deeper like a vacuum. I knew I wasn't going to last too much longer, but neither was she. Her legs started to quiver as I continue tongue ******* her and fingering her ***. Finally I dove my two fingers deep into her ***, her ***** squirmed and she lifted her head off my **** and arched it up as she moaned loudly. As she began to ***, so did I. I tasted her ***** juices as my *** shot up out of my **** and hit her in the neck and all over her chest. Then she just collapsed on top of my as her hand ran over her *** and over my hand to pull out my fingers fro her *******.
“Thank you so much for that.” She said. As she pulled me up to her. Lying side by side she kissed me and smiled. She stared into my eyes as she started sucking on the two fingers that I had in her ***. I could see a desire in her eyes I hadn't seen yet. And I could tell this was only the first experience I would have with my sister's ***.

The more comments I receive, the more incentive my sister will have to post another pic. And she's also considering joining my site to post some of her own versions of the stories.
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nice story

Jesus ******' Christ Man--your sister is ******' out of this world !!!!!! I'll bet you get hard as a rock when your sister gets in your bed to snuggle with you.What would happen if your mom & dad found out--that makes this even more exciting ! Maybe you can get her to wear lingerie like a nylon slip & panties and pantyhose,etc.

Brill story i came to this