I Like To Play With Electricity

I suppose this is debatable in the pain spectrum of BDSM, but I found that I had/have a bit of a kink for violet wands. Well, I guess what I actually used were Tens Type Units, but from my understanding there are  only a few differences.  Wands plug into a wall and Tens Type Units use batteries. Also, Tens type Units are more so used through adhesive and look more medical like.


I never went so far into it that I got into branding or fire play, but I quite enjoyed that spark of electricity. The intensity on those erogenous zones can be quite intense, exciting, and orgasmic.

I guess one could say that I like an extra ‘spark’ in my sex life.

Pretty close to the Tens Type Unit that I have used


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5 Responses May 13, 2012

Try them on the ****.

this..is wow. i have never even heard of it!

I've recently been experimenting with a tens unit with my new guy.......On the first session I ended up with it taped directly on my **** and cranked all the way up. It sounds unpleasant but it's impossible not to ******. We are now looking into a wand, but as you say they're expensive and also not that readily available here. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Adventure! How does one start that conversation? Hi. Let's go on a date. On date: I want you to shock me. No, not that kind of shock.

lol I was baiting him via text for 5 days before our first date.........things may have gotten a little out of hand >:)

.....It was suppose to have been a punishment.....

I almost want to put my hands over my ears and run from the room yelling "TMI, TMI" -- LOL -- One of the fascinating things about EP is I keep reading things written by people I like and suddenly I find myself out of my comfort zone. It is fascinating but also a bit scary. Reminds me of being a kid and wanting to hang out with the big kids but they were doing scary stuff like smoking and drinking and other things... <br />
<br />
I think I will just quietly slip out of the room before I get tempted to touch something scary or learn about other things...

I think my reaction scared me. Here I am 50 years old and I have never heard the term "violet wands" before and I do not know what all that hardware in your pictures is for, but I do know the term BDSM and pain and normally I have zero interest or desire for any of that **** but...somehow something about it or about here is someone I know on EP talking about this stuff whatever is in positive terms and I can't believe I am saying this but my nipples got hard and that is what scared the **** out of me because that is not the kind of reaction I usually have to a term like BDSM. I'm usually all like "**** that ****" and I do not get nipple hard-ons about it. So I guess was fleeing the dark side.

I may have ask you more about it someday...

have been thinking would love to be shown how to play with these machines.

yup just need to find a teacher in my area!