Two rubber bands one cream and one red clenched in my hand I made my way to the "ladies room" at work, as instructed in the task I had been given by Sir. I slid my bra down exposing my breasts and nipples...looking into the mirror I stretched my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Carefully I began to wrap the red band around my left nipple making sure I had it as near to the root as you had requested it should be. OH MY!! as the band got tighter around my nipple I could feel a stinging sensation...but I realised if I were to leave the band as it was the pressure would be lost. So in one last attempt I pulled my nipple hard and struggled slightly to loop the band for the last time....OH!! it was tight although not painful, my nipple instantly started to swell and change colour. I continued to attach the cream band to my right nipple using the same technique. Rubbing my fingers over my swollen nipples...I could feel how much cooler they felt to touch. I quickly took out my phone and took photo's for Sir's pleasure.....

After attaching the rubber bands I made myself decent and made my way out from the building. As I walked I was so very aware of my swollen erect nipples brushing across the material of my bra. My nipples began to sting like crazy and once I was outside I knew there was no turning back. My full concentration was focused on my nipples and I did wonder what effect being bound in such a way would have on their appearance. The bands seemed to be tightening and the stinging intensified, but I loved the fact that I was having slight pain whilst obeying and pleasing Sir. Arriving home I looked at my watch, I had completed fifteen minutes of this twenty minute task, I made my way to the bedroom. Quickly I undressed and I carefully took off my bra...standing half naked looking at myself in the mirror I was amazed to see how the colour of my nipples had changed to a deep shade of purple. I touched both nipples with my forefinger and in doing so a sharp pain shot deep into each breast. It was infact a nice pain but I knew it was time to take these bands off.

I snapped a few photos to send with this report to Sir.

Watching in the mirror I began to unravel the red band from my left nipple and in doing so the blood rushed causing me to moan with pleasure. The deep purple nipple soon became red and engorged as the blood flowed. I rubbed it softly with my fingertips and could feel how hot and distorted it had become from the pressure of the band. I then began to free my right nipple from the grip of the second band, OH wow...this was more difficult to remove than the first. I gasped as my swollen sensitive nipple eventually was freed and the blood flooded into my starved nipple

Both my nipples were so sensitive to touch the next day. What a wonderful reminder of the person I love to obey and please.

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Loved the story. As a guy I can only guess what the feeling is like. But its cool to know you sent pics. to the " Master" . Lots of girls are too shy to expose there inner thoughts

That is so hot , I have tried it and i like it too !
thanks for sharing

You are welcome :)

good girl, pleasing Sir immensely? Especially (but not only) by this task.

Thank you, beautiful Hope. Never would have guessed. ((Hugs))

WOW . . . what a good girl . . . excellent job my friend . . . you really must have pleased him with that one . . . good for you . . . 8D