No Pain No Gain

I like the pain when you tear me open like clamshell.

I like the pain when you suck on my breasts.

I like the pain when you bite my nippies.

I like the pain when you leave hickies on me.

I like the pain when you slap your thighs on mine.

I like the pain when you suck on my tongue.

I like the pain when you slap my a**.

I like the pain when you squeeze me hard.

I like the pain when you rub your member in my rear.

That's just about covers it all. Remind me if you think I missed something?

SunnyBelle SunnyBelle
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you are the sexiest member in EP

I like the pain when my gf sucks me until I'm about to come and then walks away to let me cool down. Especially when she does that over a number of hours. The pain gets worse every time as there is more and more ***** built up that cant go anywhere. One time she did it over 2 days and my balls were so sore that even walking was painful. Great ****** though when she finally released me...

How about a little ice cube tease as a prelude to the breast licking, sucking, and biting?

I would love it, CWS. A private souvenir is just what I need. Thank you. I like to feel it when I walk around as constant reminder yet not visible to anyone. Will be smiling and no one would know why.

I love to be bit, slaped, spanked, flogged, cained, hair pulled, choked, probed, etc. etc. etc... If it dosnt kill me Im game.

I have a mistress who ties my **** balls and male nipples real tight with rope floggs me and she does bite the entire shaft & sucks leaving hickies all over it. love to feel her teeth bitting the head or just under the hood,she then puts clamps squezzing it tight.If I cry she only makes it tighter

I guess spanking ur boot ies while doggieing will pleasure u more

That's sound good too but there are other ways to induce pain.

I don't consider myself a pain **** but the past two birthdays the woman who lives with me gave me a birthday party with NO birthday spanks. This time I'll have to tell her I want what's coming to me, all 72, on a bare butt if possible, if I make too much noise gag me with hot wet panties.


I think sometimes pain is inevitable. When I get the blood going...I take over and use every inch of that body in front of me. My c'ock becomes a weapon and my hands and my mouth become accessories to a pornographic seen. How could anyone who's looking control not cause pain?

You are right on it.

It is true, some pain can make so much better

What kind of pain do you like??? Just curious!!!

The kinda pain when your body is contorted into a pretzel and genitalia and boobies are molested merciless.

I like the pain when you wrap my hair around your hand and slowly tug my head back as you enter me from behind<br />
<br />
I like the pain when you slowly squeeze my ***t between thumb and forefinger, increasing the pressure until I gasp<br />
<br />
I like the pain when you hold my throat while we kiss, just to remind me how powerful you are<br />
<br />
I like the pain when you playfully hold my bent arm behind my back, forcing me tight aginst your body<br />
<br />
I like the pain when you pinch my n*****s just hard enough to make me moan

@Happiness, Many a women enjoy their nippies in between their partner's fronth teeth and slightly gently tap tap stimulating bites, hard enough to sting but not too hard to hurt too much that it takes pleasure out of it. You are right to be observing her her facial ex<x>pression and listening to her moans over and over.<br />
<br />
What I am wondering is about drawing down our fixed teeth the full length of your shaft, have you or anyone ever had that experience if so did you enjoy it and asked for more. I find guys do like fingernails on the balls and ba<x>se of the shaft. I am still wondering about teething action. Teething full shaft and then ease on as you approach the head with teething action but continue with the same motion and pressure except cover you teeth with lips.

Dang , you are so cute.. candle wax and bull whip etc. that would be quiet a few notches up on the top.. lol

I was going more for a bull whip tied to a chair and getting candle wax all over my chest, but I guess I like your list as well :D

all of this sounds like fun...

Midnight pla<x>yer, trust me on that one. For you guys just sliding on the teeth without a bite will send you in heaven. A little teeth pressure pass the head might be good for you.

mabye jus a little bite would do...cus...pain...kinda turns everyone on...the feeling is jus long is it not a hard bite...because the head is very very soft and sensitive...even if the head touches the zipper of our does hurt is long as it its jus nibbles...haha..and not a hard bite..=P


Don't think one minute would do it for you, you need several to do your business. My stories have a way of making guys excusing themeselves. I'll be waiting when you get back.

Itotally forgot what you were talking about. i'llbe back in a minute.

Love the "ignition switch" phrase, dunno about SJ but I got three switches one the high volt down in the ba<x>sement and two emergency back ups up above on the second floor. All three work like auto ignition , pinch in between forefinger and thumb; then twist but mine need to be twisted back and forth a few time if the engine is cold. You may wish to prime as well. So the manual says: turn on full power at least once a day and run it till the machinery well lubricated and fires all cylinder full throttle.

Where is SJ hiding. Not a single comment from her.. where is she when I need her the most.

Ohhh! pinching in forefinger and thumb pads and twisting my nippies will send me to heaven. There is not a single woman who wouldn't welcome it.

Do you like the pain when you nipples are pinched and slowly twisted?

@nothingatallreally, that's okay I just threw in there to see my male viewers' and commentators' reaction.

I think you covered most things. I for one don't like a woman biting on the head of my penis, not because I can't bear the pain, but more because, while giving a little pain is my pleasure, receiving it is not as pleasureable for me.

May I suggest that most men are open to just about anything as long as we thing we'll get head at the end of it all?<br />
When I'm tired, had a few beers, horny as hell, I'm open to ANYTHING! After I've ***? Don't bite me. Cuddling is OK, though...

Ok Bonnie, I like me nipples pinched and squeezed. I like them sucked hard and nibbled.<br />
I like love bites as well.

Actually not entirely begging the question. I don't like feeling pain. When things are going really well with my partner, all my senses (and with luck her senses) are totally overloaded. What might be agony under other circumstances becomes an electrifying caress. You've got to be careful how you apply it though. Do it wrong and the whole thing comes to a grinding miserable halt.

So Bonnie: I would like you to take me naked over your lap (preferably with you wearing a miniskirt so you can feel my erection squirm on your bare thighs) and you spank me with your hand... maybe until I 'have an accident'...

Okay you guys!!! lol, you all begging the issue, clearly say what type of pain and in what area of your body you find pain very erotic. While you have it, describe how would you like the pain to be induced without any implements. That is no flogging, no paddling, no ropes, no chains.. no sharp ob<x>jects either. Only vibrator allowed if you so desire other wise that's a no no to. Is it clear enough.. Giggles..

I go along with Sarah, i like all the pain you talk about Bonnie as long as it is sensual and given with love. I like to give and receive. It has to be a mutual thing.

When the carnal meets the divine, you're not sure about the difference between pleasure and pain and you don't care.

Nice! The sensual side of pain. It doesn't have to be whips and chains. Playing with sensation can be amazing. Heat. Cold. It doesn't have to be cruel or cold or extreme.

Bonnie .... there's a time & place for both !

Love your nic, comeplay.. lovely love the avatar sketch too.

SS, Thanks but tell me seriously , would you rather bite or be bitten... which one would you like more.

Ok Bonnie .... I'll bite ... lol. I like your stories. I found this one extremely educational too !

you are my kind of woman

OL, Love your analogy of spices on the food. Just the right amount of pain makes love making a perfect sex. I wonder if men like a little pain too, I don't mean spanking or anything like that. You are great, dear.

ohh how com we dont score your great story high and high, actually the pain should be like the spices on the food little to make the meal delicious but more of it will spoil the whole thing,

Think my pain / my pleasure is a popular story around here yet people haven't scored it high. Grrrrr. More comments please. <br />
<br />

Good to see you back here on pain page. What else would you like, Kim. Don't be shy. Let's have them.

Glad you liked it sweet. So , did I miss anything there?

You getting the idea, Silklover!! Spare the *** though. lol.

I would love the pain as you nibble on my ****. would also love to bite your ***** as i eat it and finger your *** very hard.

I think for me a bite on the head would have to be a gentle one but don't avoid it - that's too gentle. LOL

Archie, thanks but no thanks. Nothing sensual about *******. Sorry.

What about the pain/pleasure of a fist being slowly inserted? Tried that yet? As far as biting the head goes, I can handle that, and on the shaft too...

Nudy Dude, not too many responded in affirmative... Good to hear that from you.

I am not into ropes, bondage or flogging, sorry.

Have you ever had your breasts flogged or whipped? My lover says it's the best! Well, she says that after I remove my **** from her mouth, I mean.

I am still waiting to hear from guys if they would like a little pain if us women bite on your head a little. I heard from Guy but not too many have responded so I assume you probably can't bear the pain, if I am wrong I like to know.. I have never done it, cause if you guys don't like it , I don't wanna ruin the moment of passion. Just wondering .. is all.

Sure I would like a little pain. If you have never done it with your guy go easy at first and see how he reacts.

add sensuality with pain slow and gently - count me in.

The penis, especially when erect, is EXTREMELY sensitive. I wouldn't say that most men "can't bear the pain", but most men have no interest in the pain. It's not just unsexy to them; it wrecks the arousal. Unless you know that your man feels differently, it is highly likely that you would, as you say, "ruin the moment of passion."

Bonnie to answer your question to Bristowler, yes there is exquisite pain/pleasure when a woman uses her teeth there, and frankly anywhere... and you know I like it when a woman does that!

I am okay with that ND, there are better ways to induce pain in there. lol. And you know it.

I like bitting nipples and spanking that ***.

Bristolweer, just wondering if I were to bite your rim gently would it pain you. Us women like our nipples bitten, it hurts a little and sometime a lot but its very erotic. Is biting your bell-end okay? Not sure ??? I think it would hurt a lot but then again, I have no idea...

It would be an unusual man who likes his c*ckhead bitten. In almost all cases, it causes immediate deflation and it's not easy to get hard again if the **** hurts, unless your man is a submissive who's turned on by the pain.

I like the pain when you make me so hard you catch your teeth on the rim of my bell-end!