Not A Lot - A Lil Is Just Right

I'm not into serious pain.  I don't want him to make me cry, or hurt me. He never would, or could.  He knows my limits, knows what I like. 

He takes me from behind, pulls my hair, smacks my ***.  Sounds so 'caveman,'  but sometimes, it's exactly what I want. 

To feel taken, claimed, used.  Makes the pleasure that much more intense.  I collapse, drained from feeling so much.

He wraps his strong arms around me, and I am putty. 

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7 Responses Feb 17, 2010

One time my guy slapped my *** real hard and had it in me. I reached back and squeezed his balls super hard. He collapsed on my back and groaned and said i can't move, that hurt so bad !! I said comon and pay me back. He slowly started moving again and pounded me so hard and said his balls hurt so bad when they swung up to hit my tender spot (drove me wild) and he came so hard, then me right after him. It was the best sex i have ever had.

I like that............ and if a man wants to beat you thats abuse but if you get off on it then its fun so you just have to tell him exactly what you want and when you want it because he doesn't read much less your mind......

I love the feeling of being taken and claimed by my husband. The quick stinging pains that biting and butt slapping bring serve to heighten every other sensation for me. I never in a million years thought I would want to be slapped on the ***, have my nipples roughly bitten and pulled, or even have my hair pulled but I love it all and more. I am totally in agreement with all of you.

I think the taken and claim are more important than the pain part.

what a wonderful way with words you have

It is wonderful that you both of you know your limits, and you know how you like it, when I reached this point I started pushing those limits a little at a time, and I am so glad I did...

Exactly...couldn't have said it better myself.