And painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain. -- Edmund Spenser

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Isn't this from the episode where Malbecco turns into Jealousy? ;)

Luv biting nipples when sucking breast.<br />
*** spanking whenfucking doggie.<br />
Biting her earlobes .<br />
<br />
She reaches oorgasm fast and stays there as long as I pain her.

A Kiss

:) you are good at that stuff.

Two things that go together<br />
I like a little pain with my pleasure...<br />
<br />
<br />
DUH!<br />
I had to give a rhyming sequence to your voice... and speaking of 2 that go together...<br />
<br />
<br />
books and bookmarks<br />
cat and mouse<br />
Magic Bullet and more<br />
Cream and Sugar<br />
fire and heat<br />
rainbows and happiness<br />
Peace and Love<br />
ribbons and bows<br />
stars and moon<br />
You and I

I thought so as well.