Life's too short not to laugh.

My parents, who loved each other deeply, always preached the best mates are the ones who know how to appreciate jokes. Yes sex is a good tool shared by two. But what are you going to do when that becomes routine?

Conversation, jokes and laughs...Three spices which keeps that alone feeling away. Also keeps the sex life purring...:-) Happy laughs!
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Hmmmm I always have Fun comments and jokes ready to go :-! Need to brush up! How is work, how is helping others going, therapy that is.....? Things with Hubby? :-) :-) :-) :-) Rock

Hmmmm I always have Fun comments and jokes ready to go :-! Need to brush up! How is work, how is helping others going, therapy that is.....? Things with Hubby? :-) :-) :-) :-) Rock

Chuckles ... I like to say that "Before I was born, The Creator asked me what kind of life I wanted. I said 'I'd like to have an exciting life, Sir/Ma'am'. He/She smiled brightly and said, 'Very well' then, handed me a few changes of underwear and a radical sense of humor adding, "You might need these!!!" Then "POOF" there I was :)

Another thing I like/learned to say is "If I ain't screamin' .. I must not be doing it right!!", Well, I been screamin' so I must be doing it right!!

Just one incident you might like to hear about .... As a young boy I hitch-hiked from Arkansas to Los Angeles, Calif to seek my fortunes as-it-were. My trip took me through the Rocky Mtns. I remember Denver in particular. It was, in my mind, one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. Anyway, getting rides was easy enough. You have to understand though that the locals go screaming around those mountains in their cars - just a normal part of everyday life. EXCEPT this one guy!!! LOL He took screaming around those mountains to a whole new level or 2!!! Tires screeching!!!

Ok, I'm scared, but it is the dead of winter and I was not well dressed for this and a ride is a ride! I think a lot of people can relate to asking a question of someone that they already knew the answer to. LOL ... So I asked him, "Tell me something, man, where exactly are you going at this speed??". He answered, "I gotta get to court or they are going to take away my license." I kind of pulled my head down between my shoulders as a defence, I suppose, for my next question. "Uh, why are they going to take away your license????". Then the answer came that somehow I already knew. He said, "speeding!" I almost died!!! (figuratively)

Ok, all during this time the right front wheel was making this terrible thunking sound which only added to my sense of growing terror. Suddenly it stopped!!! like riding on air! LOL So, I'm looking out the passenger side window looking at this wheel bouncing down the mountainside in great bounds, and that is another situation where I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen next!!! Yep, the right front end of the car nosed down and we were in a spin!!! The only thing that was holding us on the road was the brake drum that was, I'm sure, deeply embedded in the pavement!!! LOL
I mean, you could hold your head still keeping your eyes pointing straight forward and this is what you would see. First, the mountain ... then NOTHING ... then the mountain ... then NOTHING!!!. All the while I'm screaming in a way that would make Duke Nukem proud!! :) We finally came to a stop and miraculously were still on the road. I opened the door to get out and it never occurred to me that I was so frightened my legs wouldn't hold my weight!! So .. BANG ... flat on my face I went!!! LOL Well, at this point my lips were about 1/4" off the ground and somehow there seemed to be only one thing to do that made perfect sense ..... I KISSED IT!!! LOL

He got out muttering on about "****, they're going to take away my license" LOL

That is just one of many incidents along the way .... remind me to tell you about UTAH LOL Those peoples philosophy seemed to be that "They were going to make a good Christian out of me if it killed me!!" The omnipresent question being "Have you been saved???". I was thinking "No, but I might need to be real soon now" LOL

Anyway, just to finish, like I said, I was a young boy and there were some very terrifying moments. Considering the distance, I could only bear to look at so much of the map at one time .... and as I was unfolding the map mile-by-mile ..... it started to read ..... D ......E .....A ........T ........ my heart just sank, all I could think of was images of old Ronald Regan TV shows and 20 mule team borax!!! LOL

Anyway .. Hope you enjoyed :)



Too funny! Thanks for the laugh...:-)