I Want My Man To Dominate Me In The Bedroom

I have had a few awesome relationships with men in the past. Real men. Men who made it clear that if I was going to be with them, then they were in control. I was never allowed to wear panties if he was with me. It didn't matter if we were at a grocery store, mall, church and especially if we were home alone. One time at the beginning of the 1st relationship I forgot about this no panties rule and he was not happy about it. After he forced them off of me, I had to bend over his knee and take a few smacks to my bottom. Such a turn on! Breaking the rules had its benefits! The same guy used to finger me before we would go into a restaurant and make me wait till we got home before he would ram his hard unit deep inside me. He'd usually finger me on the way home in the car, too. Would drive me wild. Another boyfriend wanted me to go braless sometimes when his friends were around. He'd play with my boobs when he said no one was looking. Put ice on them and make me sit on the couch and hold a coversation with his buddies like everything was normal. Keeping the friends eyes off of my hard nips was impossible. Remember, I wasn't allowed to wear panties, either. One time after such a day, the friends left and my guy was acting almost jealous because of the attention I had received from his pals! Off went my shirt and he suckled my boobs for such a long time. Such a turn on! He was also very attentive to my panty area. It was like he was leaving his mark down there to keep other men away. He "marked" me often. His favorite time to go down on me was after I spent time at work (where other men roam). He liked to put me up on his grand piano, naked. I'd have to spread my legs while facing him while he played the piano! Occasionally, he would insert a finger, play a tune, lick me, play a tune. Once he was done playing music, he would then stand up and eat me out, while putting his beautiful fingers inside me. All my men were allowed to do as they pleased with me and it turned out that I was pleased the most. #3 boyfriend was extra horny when I was about to start me period. He would stick himself, ****** and cucumbers inside me to try and get it started! He had his own way of thinking and I couldn't tell him NO. He loved going down on me during that time especially. He used to take a day off of work every other cycle so he could examine me during my period! Most girls feel very sexual during this time of the month and it takes a real man to handle the job. He would keep me at home and basically fondle me the whole day. My boobs were in his mouth more than out. He loved how big they got during my period. He like rubbing his hand over my puffy and swollen belly area and he would just get so turned on by the change in my body. He would f^^*& me all over the house and all positions. He didn't allow me to wear tampons because he believed that only he should be allowed inside of me. Such a domineering caveman, but he turned me on in so many ways that I allowed it.
Kim4 Kim4
41-45, F
Sep 16, 2011