For The Laughs .........

Oh yes.... one of the main keys to my heart is laughter.
Life is so short , so full of dips and lows , that laughter is my oasis .
And the man that can tickle my funny bone , always gets noticed by me , and intrigues me for sure .

Money comes and goes pfft. Looks are temporary at best , an accident doesnt come before age to wipe it away .
And a good physic can blow away on a wind of twinkies and alcohol.

But a heart full of laughter that begs you to join in .. that is ageless, free , its a gift given , not for anything in return just for laughs !

Gotta love a man like that !!

softkitti softkitti
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14 Responses Feb 16, 2011

dont mess with the master baby !!! *does victory bellydance*

You win it darling..This is too much for me!!

thank you DEm .. lay a high five on me *high fives dem * damn tootin!!=-P

hmm you may have a point but .. dont you think that the logical of the logical is illogical in its hyperlogicallness... saying love is logical , because in your eyes two loved ones missing each is logically is not taking into account the respective feelings , perhaps what you perceive as love between the two is nothing but an illogical lust and a pretense of illogical love on the other so that though guilt makes one behave as logically in missing the other , what it is, is the the logical feeling of relief . <br />
<br />
Love in my opinion , Dr Masked Menace is an emotional response , a feeling and as in all feelings of any nature is basically illogical .. let me bring case in point to you .. would you say two people who live thousands of miles away and not being able to meet only after 2 years would be logical candidates to fall in illogical said love and love each other madly and illogically .<br />
<br />
No the logical course would be to stay away from that emotion and yet I know many examples personally where said illogical emotion was not only felt by candidates in such off putting situations but felt deeply and illogically steadfast .<br />
<br />
Now with such a real life examples and not theories to ba<x>se conclusions . It would be safe to say that the logical thing to say is that conforming any logical to that illogical feeling is well for lack of a better term unlogical itself ....hmmm?=-D

Well its your hypothesis that love is illogical... Unless you prove me logically that your theory of love being illogical,I cannot agree with your argument that logical analysis of something illogical cannot be logical because love being illogical is a hypothesis to my logical eyes where everything can be deduced logically and nothing is illogical...So logical of logical is logical yes?..If you want me to prove why love is logical,I can derive a formula for the intensity of love...I will seperate two couples and see how much they miss each other and I will relate the intensity of love to intensity of missing each other...See its purely logical no? Since your premise is wrong,your conclusion is erroneous!

*giggles , runs to cappy sits with him and shares her notebook .. gives him an extra pen and waits to hear MM wisdom*=-P

*makes notes of this* anything else kitti likes in her puppies?<br />
<br />
wait ... crap i don't have anything to write on.... or with* kitti can i borrow your notebook? silly smarty pants are always right from logical and analytical perspective. However I will ask you this .. if the logical perspective is about something as illogical as love , then it would be that though the argument you put across my be logical standing on its own , because it is a hypothesis on a theory concerning a subject matter so illogical .. that the logical of the illogical must then become illogical ...logically =-D *sits crosses leg takes little red notebook and waits for MM answer , ready to write *

Oh...Then you must go for me ditching him! Am I right from logical and analytical perspective?

Not as much as you MM but yes he does =-P<br />
<br />
Yes a good knock knock joke can really make a gray dull day a little brighter no ?..=-D

:o) agreed!!! If I'm broke, homeless, and sitting on the corner of the street, a good laugh will brighten my day and keep me going.

Laugh till you die!! Laugh forever !! Hope you are with a man who makes you laugh quite often..

ohh yes laughter is my life blood without it .. well actually I cant picture a life without laughter ..hmm I wonder if that has a physiological reason ..*runs and lays down on therapist couch and begins to tell Lucid her fears of gummi bears taking over the world*=-D

I totally, totally agree! I always spend the majority of my time laughing with my boyfriends... & friends for that matter. I would have to say we laugh more than anything else. Truly, there is nothing better than laughter. It is the saving grace in this world. You silly thing, you! Keep laughing & giggling until I find you again whenever that may be. xo...