I was just signing on and my home page is on aol...I noticed that one of the headlines when first signing on was about the main causes of divorce. Just out of curiosity I checked it out and sure as heck there it was #6: INLAWS! It said that parents just don't leave their children alone and they ought to take a class on it!

LOL! This is coming from a male divorce lawyer!!! I have taken it upon myself to copy and paste below, feel free to have a look see:http://coaches.aol.com/love-and-sex/wendy-jaffe/staying-married?icid=100214839x1204868942x1200216961




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Its horrible that it has come to that isn't it!

You know whats funny my MIL are in so much Debt I'll never see a penny and I still don't look forward to her passing away. My husband will be sad =( ... Which will make me sad.

I feel exactly the same way. Noone here has ever insinuated they wanted their inlaws money. What a far cry from the truth!!!

I agree. I think people are just looking for sympothy. But going about it the wrong way! <br />
<br />
My mil has some $ not millions but enough to buy our house...if she were to give us money we would not accept it. We take great pride in what we have achieved since we got married...that goes for what happens after she dies as well! Who thinks like that anyway???? I think it was def. meant to be a big insult on us and our intentions...like that is all we care about?!?

I dunno ... seems kind of an ugly thing to look forward to but to each their own.

Didnt we cover this topic in another forum? I pretty much wrote my take on it...I will feel nothing no doubt but I cant say that I am looking forward to it. I will feel bad for my husband.

No I think she might be talking from experience b/c none of my friends are looking forward to their inlaws deaths. All the misery my MIL has caused and I don't look forward to her death. So only someone who's thought that would say that. So I believe it may be HER Experience. I'm sorry cotton I do not relate to you in looking forward to someones death.

When my mil finally does pass away I do not want a red cent brought into this household. I want nothing!!! His other brothers can fight and claw over it.<br />
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But that what people think huh? Thats all this generation thinks about, getting fat pockets off of our inlaws deaths! huh?

Wow Cotton I guess your In laws left you some good stuff when they passed away. You seem awfully glad you stuck it out. SO what did you get for all your troubles? Was is worth it. Because theres no amount of anything that will ever make up for my MIL's awful behavior. But I'm glad you got something out of yours. Why else would you say that except for experience???

I think you're right, Cassie....those old bags and bagsters just die off pretty quickly anyway! They might leave you something, though if you're lucky! Hang in there.....

I won't allow myself to be affected or influenced by those types of negitive people. Once while talking with my mother about something my mil had said about me to my husband my own mother said, to hell with them and if your husband doesnt support you he can join them! I was so mad at my mother for saying that. I told her that my husband has always been supportive of me, that she had no right saying that. She said it came out wrong and appologized and that was the end of it. My mother and father both stay out of our finances (unless asked for their opinion) When asked they offer it then drop it, they don't keep asking what decisions we made. They dont inquire about how many hours my husband and I worked everyday only to throw it in the face of the person that worked less hours. They also keep out of other personal decisions and issues. Whenever my mother has crossed the line even a little bit, I gently told her that she is crossing the line...It has never been for the above mentioned things though. The worse she has done was come over to "help" with my garden, my whole yard is basically a garden and I appreciated her help but told her I didn't have the money that week to put in a new flower bed. She did it on her own. It irritated me more than my husband but I didn't say much about it because she is always the first one to help with anything...She was up on my roof helping paint my house this past April...up 3 stories!

When I was younger, my inlaws almost caused us to divorce. Anyone who is thinking that way should fight it! Time goes by and things change. When you get older, you don't feel as controlled by controlling/interfering inlaws.

That is interesting.