Have always been fascinated by it. Hard to explain.Met a very sweet gentleman online and we exchanged phone #'s. After my first voicemail from him, I HAD to call him! We've been chatting since Aug. and growing more fond of each other all the time. Have had a few setbacks already, but still finding out about each other.
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The longer we have talked, the more we found out about each other. We've shared through lots of laughter, some pretty intense pain, and an ever-growing understanding of each other. <br />
My heart is all yours, parakeet! I've loved you for quite a while, now, and it isn't showing ANY signs of dimming! Maybe I AM just a fool, but I LOVE YOU! Always yours, Godsfool

You're not a fool, sweetie. I know your love for me is so intense. You just want to give of you love soooo completely! i love you for that! True Love Always, Parakeet

And MY TRUE LOVE always to you, Sweet Lovebird of mine! I think you are beginning to understand hoe deep my love for you really is, and I'm HAPPY to know that! :-D *HUGE smile*

I never doubted you AT ALL! my sweeettheart!!!! oxoxoxoxoxxo... and tickles!!!!

Plenty of everything for my sweet Terry! :-*

Much more for my honey bear! MUAH!!!!

((((((((((((((((((DEEP, loving HUGS!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) MUAH! Kisses, too! ;-) :-*

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