I Got Punished By My Master

Yesterday my Master and i went out, had several drinks and of course, as usual..we were pretty horny. We went to bed and unfortunately i disobeyed my Master and He had to punish me.

i am glad He did, because it was a very sensual punishment. He told me to get on my knees facing the wall. The lighting in the room was perfect, so He could enjoy my naked body kneeling down.
i knew He was watching my silhouette in the shadow..my bare big breasts and my curvy derriere. i felt so horny just knowing how much He was enjoying and wanting me. The light in the room created a very sensual environment.

i had my hands on my back, and i could almost caress my derriere and feel the softness of my skin, i'm so happy that my Master can enjoy me so much. i am after all His and for His pleasure only. i love the fact that He takes His time with my body; He enjoys every inch of me. He loves to explore me, and i love that too.

i am so in love with Him, He means the world to me. i pray that we continue to be together forever!
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I love the love you express here!

mmmm strict but sensual i like that in a dom

I am not in a dom/sub relationship - I am a submissive wife and obey my HoHs wishes.
But the love you write about is beautiful.
I do believe we women are created as we are to please a man.
When my HoH pleasures me - he is getting my body ready to please him.
That is the beauty of being a woman.
Thanks for sharing.