I Am A Strict Dom

I love to degrade, humiliate, and objectify women until they cry.

The first time I made my ex gf cry I kinda felt bad. We were having sex and I got really rough with her. I put a pillow over her face and started choking her because she was making too much noise. When I removed the pillow I saw she was crying and I felt horrible. I asked her what was wrong and if everything was ok. She said yes and that she enjoyed the sex, but something I had done reminded me of a rape she had gone through. At the time, that was unknown to me. I never made her cry again even though a part of me secretly enjoyed it and she said she did as well. She came at least. Haha.

I used to have an ex that would beg for me to choke her and would always say....or try to atleast "2 hands baby" because she wanted me to choke her with both hands. One day I had been choking her with one hand for quite some time and she asked for the second and I obliged. As soon as I put my second hand around her throat she passed out. I panicked immediately and began slapping her in the face (lightly to try and get her to respond). I had to carry her to the bathroom and splash water on her face to get her back conscious. Again, I apologized and asked her if everything was fine. After she stopped being confused, she was totally cool with it and actually loved the feeling. That **** freaked me out though, so I made her work out a way of letting me know when she was gonna pass out. She really loved being taken to that edge.

I love dressing a woman up like a ***** and taking her out in public with a butt plug in her little pink ******* and a wevibe 3 remote control vibrator in her ****. Then taking her panties from her in a public place and making her walk around in public with her holes exposed for anyone to see in her little mini dress so small she struggles to cover her **** and *** at the same time. Covering one to expose the other as people stare and make comments about what a **** she is. When she is in the car she blows me with her knees on the passenger seat and ***** visible in the window for all passers by. When we are in a loud public setting I can use the remote to turn the vibrator on and watch her struggle not to ***.

I like to put BBW girls in a latex pig mask and have them oink and beat them with a cane until they squeal so loud the neighbors hear. Then I tie up their big fat **** and beat them until they're just as purple as I just made her ***. Then I take a sharpie and write **** pig on her big bruised **** and spit on her ******* and **** her *** while I make her tell me what a ******* trashy pig she is and slap her in the face.

I love to re create rape victims rapes until they cry. Recently I found an 18 year old **** who was sexually abused by her cousin. She was totally over it (strong girl) and had no problem talking about it. I asked her if I could try and recreate it and she said sure. I screamed and yelled at her telling her how disrespectful she was. Told her to call me her abusers name. Made her tell me what a ***** her abuser made her into while I choked and slapped her and covered her mouth to silence her screams and pressed a knife against her throat until she started crying. Then I only started going harder while she came while she was crying.

Yes, these are all real stories. I have a couple of them on video.
http://motherless.com/7F63064 <- rapeplay and crying
http://motherless.com/7F62829 <- Forced anal
http://motherless.com/7F5C09E <- Piggy play and forced anal
http://motherless.com/7F5E6FB <- First time anal training and caning her *** til she is bruised

Enjoy and leave comments.
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nice story. links no work :(