If I Had To Pick Something I Like As A Fetish, This Would Be It

i love abandoned places. there's this warehouse not far from where i live, it's actually three buildings joined together, there's always a hole in the fence somewhere. i take photographers there to take pictures, they love it. i love the mystery of it. and because it feels like being in a horror movie.

this one place, an abandoned navy base, this guy and i climbed through a broken window and it was this abandoned school, with the most amazing beautiful crazy graffiti i have ever seen... oh my god, it was the coolest.

this other place, there were all these owls living there. it is fascinating to me.

if i ever kill myself i'll go to one of those places at night i think. one with cranes hanging down and the wind, and the darkness.
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I can relate to this. I love abandoned buildings and they stimulate me both intellectually and physically. Where I grew up on the east coast I had access to a small abandoned train station (very cool) and a lot of abandoned farm houses. I haven't explored much in the Bay Area - but would love it if you wanted to show me around!

One might say you find solace in things in the past, and want to relive them.<br />
This is a good thing, i think, as compared to the plastic nature of so much of society today.

......because God loves you.....

you make me laugh....... =) but please don't die..........!