I Guess I Do Cause It Comes Naturally

Over the years, many years, I have gotten comments from family and friends on many of my mannerisms.

I sit cross-legged, like a woman ... usually left over right at the knee.

I stand like a woman ... head up, chest out, stomach in, hips canted and feet in a 'T' like stance.

I walk like a woman ... a bit of a sway as I walk one foot in front of the other.

Funny, in flats or bare feet the sway is slightly there ... in heels it is really there.

Just a couple that give me away. But these days, I guess everyone is use to me cause they don't point or snicker or make crude comments.

Fine with me, I enjoy being myself.


Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

You know it is funny you mention this because that is how I am and always have been too. And you know I am sitting here right now with my legs crossed (left over right). Last summer my mom comment to me that I have always acted this way. She had been watching me closely and comparing my moves and actions to others around her when she came to the realization that I was never what she had expected me to grow up to become.

True. I remember one lady saw my legs crossed and commented that it must hurt to cross my legs 'that' way. When I said no, she said I must have nothing up there and walked off. Oh well, takes all kinds.

Yes, it most certainly does take all kinds. I too have had someone make a similar comment. Little did they know that what is there is a small birth defect, that the presence of hurts far worse and in ways greater than they could ever imagine. For me since there has never been much there to begin with why would it hurt to sit in the most natural and comfortable position I have ever found.