My Whole Life

My Mother played Peter Paul and Mary for me in my crib. They are in my top ten most loved artists I have at least twenty of their songs in my I-Pod I can't pick a favorite maybe Lemon Tree because my Mom and I sang it together when I was tiny. I also loved their children's album fav song Leather Winged Bat.
I was heart broken when Marys voice was silenced when she passed away. Their music will always take me back to my Aunts house on Hill St. in Hermosa Beach during the Vietnam War where they would have Another Mother for Peace meetings and we kids would be eating pull apart bread from DeSimons bakery sitting by their big orange pot belly wood stove. I also absolutely love Pete Seeger and of course Bob Dylan. Cheers to Great Memories. Love you Mom and Miss you so much.
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May 23, 2012