The Best Of Television

If it wasn't for shows like Family Guy that push the envelope in comedy, I'd probably not watch television at all. I just think that most programming aimed at making you laugh is too bland and generic. With animation, though, it's usually nonstop jokes - there are simply more possibilities with animation. Add in some great writers that aren't afraid to dance with controversy, and you've got an excellent show.. I find myself laughing louder and harder at some of these cartoons than I do even with most good comedy films.
wtfwolf wtfwolf
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Yep.. I agree with you there. Best to not have taboos.. just look at the 50s. Quite intolerant and conformity-driven times, and also quite dark and depressing if you ask me! *shudders* And for sure, they just have such intelligent humor and crazy obscure references from time to time.. 'tis great programming. :)