Music <3

I seriously have no problem with any type of music. Sometimes it depends on my mood to determine who I would rather listen to sometimes but most of the time I'm fine with anything. Well, I'm not too sure how I feel about "death metal" but mainly because I don't know the whole... scream thing, you know the "roary-ness" as I call it? I know, sounds stupid but I didn't even hear of that music until three years ago. I love the way the music sounds though, so I'm giving it a chance. But yeah, music, any time anywhere, especially if I can sing along to it, if it's great (like most of it is, except for that Rebecca Black song) I'll learn it to sing along to it. In the car, the radio, I don't care put anything on and I'll jam to it. I love how music makes me feel I love how the different types can alter your moods, how the emotion that the artist feels in that song you can feel it. I still cry when I listen to "You're Never Over" by Eminem, or "Let Her Cry" by Hootie & the Blowfish. Oh yeah. I love the impact music has on people and I find it so magical. It's amazing.
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Nice post, you got a diverse taste man! I like it ;-)