Thought I had put a story here already but maybe a computer screw up.

Oh well.

For me and music, an appreciation for most all kind of music is there.

My dad started me with Carmen when I was 8 and asking him for some records to listen too.  He wasn't going to let me listen to his collection of music that is SOOO hard to find now of big band and classical, mom was all about the old country songs from the 60's and 70's.  When artists like Tim Mcgraw and Kenny Chesney were still in Junior High.

So in listening to the music I was given, an understanding of the meaning of the music or the story it gives, mostly in pure instrumental form, can portray such beauty and emotion that you can cry over the passion that the composer has put into it.

This still holds true for movie or Broadway play scores that Ive listen to.

Now some feel that it is too "long haired" or "boring" yea maybe, but you need to listen to the music and not just have it in the background where your mind is busy with other things.

Now with that being said, this does not take away from the music that I and others listen to on a daily or hourly basis of music.

The collection that I have put together is music that can fit my mood that I am currently in, I find that if I try to fit my mood to the music being played that I don't enjoy it as much and will change the channel.

I think for the most part the music that people connect to most isn't the rif or the drum beat it is how does the music feel to you, angry, sad, happy, peaceful?

It is a plus if the music that you listen to has a story behind it that can be understandable and not some thesaurus being thrown at you with a beat.


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41-45, M
Mar 15, 2009