I mainly like rock and rap music but does anyone know any good songs or bands? I need new music.. >.<
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check out disney land after dark


Lupe fiasco

Fort minor

Theory of a deadman

Alrighty then yaw'll. Heres some ninja rice patty music fo yas. Enjoy.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jAKyp_TaM8

For rap or rock?

>.< both?..

For rap, Iike Miss KO and Soft Lipa. They are Chinese. G-Dragon is Korean.
For rock, I like Nano, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, L.M.C, Girugamesh, Linkin Park, Paramore, Zoetrope, SCANDAL, Oreskaband, Girls Dead Monster,

2 on... mariah cary "beautiful" is like my favorite song right now

>.< I'll look it up now then..

ok. also iggy "beg for it" i love that song... but i dont beg. lol

Ik the iggy song already... .-. the other song was alright.. just not really my type of music.

But thank you >.<

its a song my ex and i liked. she likes when i drive all crazy. which has got me i to alot of trouble right now. i have court in the morning... ):

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iggy "beg for it"8

kid ink "show me"

ariana grande "love me harder"