Music is life what type do you listen to?
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I like listening to many types of rock. For example The Beatles, Les Zepplin, Queen. Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park, Nirvana, (many more) but also listen to some Rage Against The Machine, Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys but at the same time also enjoy classical music like Danse Macabre or a few songs by Chopin

Everything from Robert Johnson to Killswitch engage

Totally random lol I like almost all kinds of music as well. Country, pop, classical, opera, rock, instrumentals, etc. Also explore those with different language. Now I'm more into rock...fave is Alter Bridge though I listen to other bands as well. But sometimes I jump to other genres so maybe tomorrow you'll find me listening to Steps or Bach or Yiruma or another opera lol

That's chill

Mostly any really. But I listen to 80's music most of the time while at work.


I like all 80's music as that is the era I left school :)

Oh gotcha, sweet!

As there is a radio station in the UK called absolute 80's and I listen to that

Hm, I wonder if there's on in the US..


I don't know but maybe you can get it through the Internet. They also do 60's,70's,90's,00's.

Sweet, good to know! Thanks!

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anything from rock to rap to country to opera I listen to everything but now im only liseting to nirvana and the whitr stripe. and a little disturbed.

Great taste 👌


Rap / HipHop on a rare occasion alt rock

Rap? Never woulda guessed... Who do you listen to?

That's gotta be sarcasm -.-

The rap part? Yea... But I was being serious about asking who all you listened to..

Eminem, Tyler the creator, Tupac, Biggie, Mac Miller, Tech N9ne, 50cent, Kanye West

Have you heard of Lupe Faisco? Good choice in music 👌

Heard some songs by him. Can't call my self a fan tho.

And thank ya.

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Almost all types that depends on mood

What about right now?

Right now I'm not free I'm in work
But if I would of free I go for hip hop

I could dig that.

Thanks :)

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