Generally, I'm a fan of rock. Not heavy or anything, the Bryan Adams kind. Bit since I enjoy listening to different styles of music today I've pressed play on the new Zayn Malik song 'pillow talk' To begin with, I hated it because the lyrics were horrible. Talking about making love to your new girlfriend will not make me value you any more Mr Zayn. Second of all, the video clip is pretty much another version of 'feeling myself' of Beyonce obvi, and I'm fine with women doing that, everyone does that, yet I find it disturbing that I will have to explain to my 9yr old cousin about the flower coming out of a womans v jay jay. Last but not least, your video clip makes no effing sense. Trying to show how deep ur vid is by portraying a style that is definitely not yours (eg. troye sivan would rock that) JUST NOT COOL. It's fine trying new stuff, being original etc, the thing is, the clip was not. Hated it. Much.
Anon0070 Anon0070
22-25, F
Jan 29, 2016