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Hi All

I live and lurk at TotalRock Radio got into the chatroom around 6 years ago made friends with DJs there, then one day one of the djs asked if any one could co host as she was female and needed some to go in with her at midnight fridays in the studio in soho so she needed a body guard so i put my husband Greenz up for it.

When she left in xmas 2003 so Greenz took over the show and has been doing 2 shows.

Join Greenz On TotalRock Radio Saturdays for the Power Metal Vikings 00:00-03:00
And again Anthems 21:00-00:00.


Bands can send demo's / albums to us at :-
Greenz & Di care of TotalRock
1 Denmark Place
London WC2H 8NL

http://www.totalrock.com/ Listen via WP3 or WMA Requests: studio@totalrock.com / call 0871 250 0777

Join the Chatroom http://www.totalrock.com/ click community - then click chat-add a name-enter
To enter the chat room via an IRC client, the following details are required: Nickname Host: irc.totalrock.com Channel: #totalrock Port: 6667.

DJGreenzRocks DJGreenzRocks
41-45, F
Nov 24, 2007