People I Met This Weekend

This past weekend my son and I went on a camping trip with the boys scouts. It was my son's first campout and he and I both loved it. I liked it because of the different people I met. One of the guys grew up in Great Britain, specifically Wales where he was a scout. Another guy was a navel pilot who graduated from the Navel academy and had been involved in scouts his entire life. One of the woman, who I was friends with before the trip, grew up all over the world and was in scouts because her mother was a girl scout leader in various countries, including Libya. What was really nice about this experience was meeting these people in a setting where no one was distracted by the outside world. This is what makes camping and hiking so worthwhile,  the opportunity to meet and talk with different people.   
Jim20910 Jim20910
36-40, M
May 21, 2007