I've had sex with a few of my cousins and they were perfectly normal with it. It was purely consensual and it was so hot. I recently reconnected with my 20 year old cousin and we hung out for the first time since she was very little. Last time I saw her she was around 6 or 7. So I picked her up and took her back to my house. We had dinner. Started drinking and doing blow. It's amazing how cocaine releases inhibitions cause she started telling me how she was molested by her dad. My uncle when she was little. And then by the babysitter. I shares a similar experience and we were both getting very turned on by this. She then proceeded to tell me details of those experiences while we were ******* and role playing what happened. It was such a huge turn on to have my younger cousin bent over say these dirty things and reliving these experiences while I was slowly pushing my **** in her ***. She had never had anal sex before since she was little. It was super tight and delicious. I know I sound like a perv. And I felt a bit guilty the next day. But we spoke about it and she was very cool with it. The taboo aspect of hat we were talking about and the fact that she was my cousin really turned me on. We did nasty things to each other while re-enacting her story of molestation. She was such a dirty little girl and she loved being treated like one. I know the inhibition was probably fueled by the alcohol and drugs but I came so hard several times as we fooled around for hours.
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That's a great story!!! I think that would be so hot to re-enact the abuse

So hot!