I've been in a "taboo" relationship for the last 13 years, so most things that are considered "taboo" aren't really a big deal to me lol. I believe people would be a lot happier if they were more openminded. :)
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hey would you like to share the details of your taboo relationship plz ???

nothing beats ****** *******, i love ****** and i love ******* my ex niece

I'm so with you on that.
I've been in three.

Now you really know how to make a guy curious lady, please tell me more

what have you been doing for the last 13 years

Would love talking to on pm msg me

Yes itz a great feel

Surely everyone is curious as to what the taboo you're committing is.

I used to **** my cousin

I am still ******* my cousin even after fourty years.


What kind of taboo relationship u in ?

What makes your relationship taboo.

And what taboo relationship would that be