I love taboos! I'm interested in talking about them! What taboos are you all interested in?
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forbidden fruit is allways the sweetest :)

Family fun ?

So many.
And you?

Message me and let me know your limits. I like all kink of things.


K-9 for my gf

as u wish..i have no limit

I'd love to chat with you about this but not here - I'll look forward to a message from you, if that's okay with you!

so send me a message

Stand by!

a lot - we should chat

inbox me

I like the thrill of sex in public places, younger girl with older guy, *********, office or work play, random or stranger sex, voyeurism.... Just to name a few

Message me....add me....we can talk about anything.

Both sex in public places and anal sex are considered to be taboo by many so I would love to pound a sexy as in a public place for all to see me fill a sexy *** with my cream.....

Hey, like your taboos, also like public. Love to explore these & others with you. PM me.

Message me anytime. We can share so much.

******* my friends girlfriends

sex in public places. right where you can see other people, but they can't see you!

Good lists. I'm into the same. Pee, fam, bi,feet