Taboo is simply society's method of trying to stop broad minded, and free thinking individuals who wish to live an alternate lifestyle
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well fecking said....

I dunno dude, when you get to the decapitation and child mutilation I think they may have a point.

thank you its about time some said it

i agree me too

I agree with you completely on this. If it feels good and doesn't hurt anyone, or force anyone (or anything) to do something unwillingly, then just indulge and enjoy it!


i agree

Why does the forbidden always add that edge of sweetness?

It really does, funny how that works.

Great point

So very true. As long as it's consensual, what's the problem.

You are so right.
So I ignore Society's rules and engage in TABOO

Im sure it is

Come and live in France.
Here in France sex between family members is allowed as long as they are adults and consent to it.

Me too love your work you go girl

This is so true I want to have a lover and live a life of no taboos and a house without interior doors

Meh I wouldn't call the norms of society oppressive in all cases. But then again each society needs to be looked at individually.