I like them young and fresh
nastyyounglove nastyyounglove
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I love young boys, would love to **** and suck one

my nephew fits his role nicely. and enjoys it!

Yes, very young is best, so soft and cute.

mmm, me too - especially too young to tell on me, lmao


i agree, the younger the better, here where princess daughter fits best

How young is she ?
I love to have little girls on my lap, I allways get so hard.

yes, especially if she is your own daughter

Yes to bad I don't have one, I want one so bad to get used to my ****, I have to use others daughters.

the younger the daughter the more she is sweeter

yes I would love to rub my big hard **** between her ***** lips and shoot my *** and I would teach her to lick and suck my **** whenever I want, I would cover her entire body with my ***.

that is so hot

daddys should teach their young daughters how to **** early

yes I totally agree, teach them from very early age, less than one year old and then every day. OMG Im so hard now thinking of ******* little baby girls.

i am hard now too, stroking my ****

nice , thinking of your daughter

i would love to eat your *** in her *****

OOOOOOh yeees I would absolutly love to **** your daughter and fill her with my ***, it would be a lot of *** overflowing.

i will suck your **** too

OMG yeeeees , sounds like paradise, ******* a little girl and then be sucked by you and I would of course suck you to.

mine did

when young daughters are so wet already, they want daddys **** inside their *****

Yes I would **** her and give her all my *** in all her holes many times a day.

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