Let's talk about you and your daughter shall we
daddysgirlxoxoo daddysgirlxoxoo
18-21, F
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hey care to chat ?

hey care to chat with a 41 yo ?

hey care to chat with a 41 yo ?

aaaah interest in FMF....daddy loves them, *** and get it

or let's pretend you're my daughter?

I'd be happy to, but you'd have to tell me how much you like blowing all your dad's friends, too. Add/message me.

Hmmm ~
How about we build a relationship as Daddy and daughter ??
You could be MY Spoiled and Pampered ~ "age play 15,16,17 Y/O" Very Sexually Inquisitive Daughter :-)
KISSEZ and CUDDLEZ, Daddy ;-*)
wrnglrbutt22000@yahoo.com mail/messenger

pm me :-)

What about us?

How so? Have a god daughter but working on kids with the wife now