nothing more taboo than family experimenting and teaching with each other. it's not about love but pure lustful craving.
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love it!

so true

i like the way you think.

me and my older cousin (girl) would always fool around when we would go to her house because her dad was a preacher they never let her go anywhere so when we would come over she would always drag me back to her room because I was a bit younger I would just go along with whatever she started doing
ya there is something special about family (^.^)... :)

Too bad im not in your family

yeah, i agree... it can be mainly about raw lust and desire, and thats ok... but the uninhibited exploration, discovery and mutual gratification can also be very warm and loving, and thats ok too... its all good...;)

i know if it feels good enuff, eventually someone's gonna wanna make it taboo... so if you tell me its taboo, im usually gonna wanna do it more...;)

Ain't that always the way? If you want something to work get it made illegal!, guaranteed the world will want it!

No one loves u more than family ;)

Ad me i wamna hear about your lustful cravings

I so agree

That's what I call a close family.

Love to hear about your adventures

You are so right. My brother and I played around alot when we were teens.

It is indeed. You are going to do it anyway, so why don't do it when someone who will forever love yy, like a close relative.
Have you had experiences within your family? Would love to read them. You can reàd some of mine in my page.

Tell us more!