Perverse Sex With Shirley

 I 've posted a ton of Shirl's pix online, shown them to her family, friends, neighbors, strangers, etc.. and while most of this has taken place without Shirley's knowledge (she is truly a dumb ****), she has exposed herself on purpose many times, even on the rare occasions where she knows others may be watching. She’s flashed her ***** and panties on purpose quite a few times, even doing it when I’m not around to see. One time, the UPS guy came to the door and she “accidentally” stuck her *** in his hand when he was reaching for a pen! Another time, she flashed her panties at a guy sitting in his truck at Wal-Mart.

 But the most interesting thing is... she definitely likes to be forced to do things she doesn't want to do. Whether it’s as a result of her being raped when she was 18, or whether it’s always been who she is, she has all kinds of potential to be a true ****-****. She has many wet dreams and fantasized about all kinds of gang-bang and rape-scenes where she’s either in a public or semi-public place and being forced to **** and suck against her will.

As kinky and as sexy as I know she can be, I've not ever managed to get her past the point where she'll let go and act openly on her feelings. I’ve told her that if she wants to have sex with other men, all she has to do is tell me about it, or let me watch. That she should let go and **** and suck like I know she could. But, being raised in the Bible Belt, she has never taken advantage of any of those offers. Instead, I have to trick her into doing stuff, and I’ve tricked her into doing a LOT she has no idea has happened.. 

Besides tying her up and making her suck my **** and ******* her in front of open windows, exposing her sluttiness to her family, friends, neighbors, strangers and lots of her exposure via the net, etc… I’ve tricked her into doing some truly kinky, nasty stuff that she’s truly clueless about.

For instance, I’ve put a dirty nylon stocking she’s worn several times on my **** like a condom and had her suck my ****, then ****** her **** with it, and even jammed it up her unlubed ***, only wet from being in her *****, until I came into the nylon. She realized what I was doing, but thought I was at least using a clean one!

She doesn't really like the taste of ***, and definitely doesn’t like the taste of her own *****, but I’ve tricked (or forced!) her to drink my *** and rubbed my **** on her **** or ****** her and made her suck it, on more than a few occasions. She definitely has no clue I’ve finger ****** her *** then wiped it on my **** before she sucked it, but she’s done that more times than I can count!

While she’s been tied up, I’ve taken advantage of the situation and fisted her ***** a few times, and even gotten 4 fingers into her *******. I’ve acquired several ****** for her and an inflatable butt-plug which have all seen quite a bit of use! One night, while she was ******-up on Vicodin, I even managed to get the butt-plug inflated as much as it’d go, then pulled it out of her ***.. WITHOUT un-inflating it! Her ******* was as loose as her *****! (No pix though, dammit!)

One night, after her daughter, Kelly took a bath, I noticed she hadn’t flushed the commode when she was finished. I tied Shirley up, then put on a condom. Since the bathroom is right beside the bedroom, I snuck in there and dipped my condom covered **** into the commode where her daughter had just pissed then went back into the bedroom and ****** Shirley with it while the **** was still dripping off. (I even stuck my fingers in the **** and wiped them on her **** and forced them into her mouth while I was ******* her..) 

Speaking of ****, not only have I tricked her into sucking my **** right after *******, I’ve pissed in her mouth while she was sucking my ****, several times while her head was jammed against the headboard or me holding her head while my **** was all the way in so she couldn’t do anything but swallow. I have even pissed and spit in her ***** and her *** many, many times. And I've pissed and jacked off onto her toothbrush and put *** into her drink, food and even into her hand lotion, shampoo and other lotions, etc.. 


I’ve also taken some of her nylons, zipped into a Baggie, into men’s bathrooms at restaurants and truck stops and dipped them into unflushed urinals and commodes or wiped up the floor around a well-used commode with it, then tricked her into wearing them in public (even in church!) after the **** dried. She wondered a bit why there was white stuff on them (where the **** had dried) or what the smell was, but would brush it off and go on.


One time, I’d stopped for lunch at a Burger King in Waynesville. When I went into the Men’s room, I noticed the commode was stopped up and full when I got there. I stood around at the urinal (blocking it from use, as it were) then watched 8 more different men, teens and boys use (not literally.. I watched as they entered the bathroom and since I was at the urinal, they had to use the stall) that blocked commode. Then I went into the stall, and took out a pair of nylons I had in my pocket in a baggie, laid the nylons on top of all that mess, and let them soak well for a couple minutes. When I started to take them out, I swirled each one around in the muck then pulled the nylon out and put it in the baggie. As I pulled them out of the commode, dripping with ****, I could see pieces of toilet paper stuck to them, and some **** streaks where the nylon material had snagged around turds.

I’d intended to do the same with them as I had her other stockings I’d done before. Let it dry out, then get her to wear them sometime while we were in public. However, that night, Shirl was feeling frisky and got tied up, then blindfolded. After making her suck my ****, I ate her **** her for a couple minutes to open up her *****. While she was laying there, recovering from an ******, I got the idea to stuff the nylons I’d “treated” that day into her ****. I went and got them from my coat pocket since I hadn’t gotten the chance to put them where they could dry. Then, holding her legs open, I got the nylons out of the baggie and slowly started stuffing them (and whatever was on them!) into her **** as I rubbed her ****, until they were both ALL the way inside her! I even poured whatever was left in the baggie into her *****. She asked me what was so cold and wet, but I never answered her. After that, I tied her ankles together so she couldn’t spread her legs open.

Now, keep in mind those nylons had been sealed in that baggie for several hours, soaking in all the **** and **** from who knows how many people.

Not satisfied with just stuffing the nasty stockings in Shirl’s ****, I put on a condom, then slowly started sticking my **** into her ***** too, making sure the soaked nylons stayed deep in her **** the whole time. I could feel them in there, shifting around and bunching up as I ****** her. After a few minutes, I started slam-******* her cunthole HARD, while she moaned and complained about whatever was in there hurting. I shifted positions a couple times, even holding her legs over her head as I jammed my **** in as far as I could, ******* her over and over, making those putrid nylons go in as far as possible! She was trying to push me back with her legs, and move around so it wouldn’t hurt as much, but I held her in place and ****** her harder. 

When I was ready to ***, I pulled off the condom and held her ***** open while I jacked off into her ****, then pissed and spit into it. I left the stockings in her **** until I (slowly!) untied her legs, then took my time fishing them out. As I removed them, I made sure I yanked up, then side-to-side on them, so the material would rasp on her ***** lips and ****, basically sand-papering her ****-hole in the process. Needless to say, Shirley’s ***** was VERY sore the next day! She even got a painful vaginal infection with nasty crud leaking out from that session, but it slowly cleared up with Vagisil.

Another time, I wanted to see just how nasty I could get with ******* her *****. I took her huge ***** and “prepped” it by rubbing it inside the commode where **** had accumulated, then ran it behind the commode where spiders and dust and dirt had accumulated. I jacked off on it several times and let it dry, and I also pissed and spit on it numerous times. I also took a knee-high and pissed through it, jacked off in it, and wiped my *** with it several times as well.

After prepping the ***** and knee-hi, I had to wait several days before I got the opportunity to use them on her. But, once she was “in the mood” I took the opportunity to use zip-ties on her, tying her wrists to her ankles so she couldn’t stop me from using them on her.


She’d shaved her *****, so I got her good and wet, then instead of ******* her to stretch her ***** for the big *****, I simply took it and stuck the head of it in and started videoing it. Once the camera started, I shoved it in hard, with her moaning and groaning the whole time. I ****** it in as far as it would go several times, then twisted it back and forth when it was as far in as it would go, shoved up tight against her cervix. When I pulled it out, all the black stuff around the head of it was gone, all wiped off inside her ****. I shoved it back in and ****** her hard with it, working it back and forth, trying to make the whole thing go in. When I pushed really hard, to the point she was vocally complaining how bad it was hurting, I had about 13” of the 15” in her ****. I held it there for a second while she squirmed, then pulled it out. 

 After she complained about the *****, I finally stopped using it, then put the knee high on my **** like a condom, just like I would with the dirty nylons, except this was much dirtier and nastier. I then proceeded to **** her **** with it until she was good and raw, then I ******** it off and jacked off until I came on her ***** and rubbed the ***** all over it.

Needless to say, she was very sore both inside her **** and her ***** lips where I’d ****** her, and she also got a very bad vaginal infection. But, the Vagisil and a period cleared it right up, but she has had reoccurring infections ever since then, so who knows?

 Another time, I picked up a friends dog that proceeded to pee on my shirt, so when we went home a few minutes later, the shirt was still (very) wet. I forced Shirley on the bed, face down, ******** off her pants, took off the shirt, got as much of the dog **** as I could on my **** and hands, ****** her **** with my dog-**** coated **** and wiped the shirt all over her face and ****. She got a nasty vaginal infection after that one too. 




When Kelly got older, around 18, she filled out a lot, and more of her clothes would fit Shirley. One time, I caught Shirley cleaning the kids rooms, and ‘forced’ her into Kelly’s room. I tied her up (kinda, sorta.. Shirl cooperated. LOL!) with Kelly’s bra, then ******** her. I got a pair of Kelly’s pantyhose off the floor, and put them on Shirl, then put a pair of Kelly’s shoes on her and started ******* her on Kelly’s bed. I tried to stuff a pair of Kelly’s dirty panties in her mouth, but she wouldn’t let me. That was ok. She had the crotch of those dirty panties rubbed all over her face, and in her mouth in the process! After ******* in Shirl’s ****, I made sure I dripped some *** on Kelly’s hose, then after Shirley went to clean up, I wiped off the rest of my *** on Kelly’s pillow.

Anyway.. There’s more I’ve done with and to her, but what I’d like to do is even more “fun”! I’d like to get her drunk or drugged, then have several guys start using her holes for whatever they want. What I’d like to happen is they’d continue to use and molest her until she woke up, then force her to keep going until they were done abusing her. I’d even love to watch her getting tortured a bit. Whipped and caned, seeing her **** mashed, twisted, and even stepped on and slapped, see her ***** hair being pulled (which I’ve done, but not as hard as I’d like to see happen) and having her **** slapped, punched and whipped, and even see someone stepping on it, kicking it and even ******* her with a high-heeled shoe. Maybe even having her ****-kicked by a ***** wearing high heels to see how far she can get her foot into Shirley’s ****-hole on one kick…

Stepping on her face while she's being ******, on her feet while she’s kneeling, sucking ****.. I’d love to see her suck nasty fat guys *****, suck on BBW black women’s ******* and *****, see her get gang-****** by a bunch of dykes, etc. I’d even like to see her take it from dogs and donkeys!

It may never happen, but hey.. its fun to fantasize about!

You can see pix of her exposed and being used


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