I Know It's Nothing

There is this very good looking guy, he is 12 years older then me. He is handsome and nice. I never thought I would ever like anyone that much older but I can't deny how amazing he seems. I am sure he see me and just some young girl but how I dream it would be more.
TashLee TashLee
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Hi how are you today?inbox me sometime for a chat

He also began the control game, I was 19 and nieve when I met him, don't be swoon by his money and or success, in the long run u will br happier with someone ur own age or around it.

Never ends good, think about it he's seventy, ur 58. Had to consider that when I dated 24yrs older, took care of me but eventually our bodies would be too different to physically connect...just being real.

I completely get that!