The Insane Meet

A few years ago, while living in North Carolina, I hooked up with a fellow on-liner with a crazy name like “lone-wolf heart”. We bantered a bit sent a picture back and forth and I thought nothing more would ever come of it. Boy was I wrong!

One night, when I was ready to log off, she dropped in and sent me a message to chat. Even though I was tired, I chatted with her before she came out and asked, “Did I wanna see the good photos”? Hell yeah, I typed back. Man, was I shocked. She had auburn red hair to her ***, green eyes and a pair of **** that would stop traffic. I sent her the required **** shots back and we chatted a bit on what we liked didn’t like about relationships. “I always wanted a complete stranger to come into my room and take me without conditions”, she typed. I told her to be careful what she wished for, I just might take her up on it. “No man has the balls, I’ve made this offer before and nothing happens” she typed. Hang on a second, I shot back. I’m going to call you now.

I called her up and she repeated the offer. I wasn’t going to go, I had plans the next day and she lived around 80 miles away, but looking at her last picture, her crotch thrusted up at the camera, changed my mind. I was going and nothing was going to stop me. She gave me decent directions and jotted them down, she said she’d leave the light on and I would know if I was in the right house if I went through the back there was a stuffed owl on a shelf. She’d leave the back door unlatched. With that she hung up and I was off.

Driving into South Carolina I was both excited and apprehensive about what I was doing. What if she was a crazy and was waiting for me to come in before greeting me with a Smith and Wesson cocktail? I guess my other head did the thinking as I pushed on through the misty night.

I arrived at her street and had a hell of a time finding the place. There were no addresses and no street lights. Squinting through the passenger window I thought I saw her house. The car matched, the color was right and the address barely visible from the street. As it was after 1 o’clock in the morning, I shut my door softly and cut a path to the rear of the house. The troubling thing was, no light was on. Was this a signal? Did she change her mind? Was I being set up? My heart clapped and thudded in my chest but my **** was totally erect and straining against my tight jeans. I was going in!

I softly opened the back door and a hinge squeaked through the quiet evening. Moving in the screened-in porch, I looked to my left and to my relief, an owl was mounted over a mantle. “Right house” I thought, I was definitely committed now. I gently slid the back sliding door and it moved smoothly on the track. I hesitated before taking the first step into the house. “This is nuts” I thought, what the hell am I doing?

I almost decided to leave when I though I heard low music to the back of the house. I crept in and shut the door, sweat dripping from my temples. I walked low and quietly, brushing the wall with my left shoulder. I moved slowly around the last corner, and peered into a candle lit room.

“You made it” she smiled and growled with husky anticipation. “I did make it”, I answered, “Waiting up for something?” I playfully countered. “Only the best **** of my life” she purred. “Come here and eat me, I’m dripping wet” she pleaded.

I tore off my clothes and jumped into her bed wanting her like I’ve never wanted anyone else before. I buried my head between her creamy white thighs pulling her ***** wide open as a licked her from top to bottom. She nearly tore my hair off the top of my head as I plunged my thick tongue as far in as I could, making sure to lap up all of her foaming juices. She nearly fainted when I stuck my finger in her *** all the while drumming her tiny **** with the point of my tongue. I ate until my tongue hurt, and got up on my knees, my 8 inch **** pointing upward above her writing loins.

“Turn about is fair play” I said while cradling down scrunching up towards the pillows. She moved gracefully, almost effortlessly and assumed the position I had previously held. Her juices were sopping and my lower back and *** were lying in a pool of ***. She held my fat ****, her fingers gripping it like a vice, my balls twisted through her long fingers. She licked up and down my pole and purposefully avoided touching my mushroom head. After a few minutes of pleading and thrusting my hips forward, she dove unto my ****. I have never been eaten like this before. She took it all in three gulps and lapped my ball sack with her tongue. She ****** my **** with her mouth, her green eyes playfully gazing back at mine. My **** felt like a bar of steel, but I felt the first rumblings in my balls, I would never last if I didn’t do something fast.

I moved around and over her and pushed her onto the soaked mattress and gazed at her heart-shaped ***. I pushed her fiery locks to one side and licked her from her nape down the small of her back. I had to have that ***. I had to taste it. I parted her white asscheeks and darted in and out with my tongue. Pulling her pelvis up, I simultaneously played with her **** and ***** while I gave her the best rim job of her life. She screamed with pleasure and moving my hand aside, roughly pulled her cheeks apart and told me to **** her white ***.

I moved up behind her cupping her hips with my knees while aiming my fat **** at her browneye. She was so wet with my juices I slid in and slowly pushed until my balls swung up and tapped her *****. We found a perfect rhythm and I pushed and pulled her hips for support. We grunted like animals, my head was spinning and I knew I couldn’t hold on. She told me to hold on, she was almost there, and I focused on not coming, which wasn’t easy. She came loudly and threw her auburn hair back. I grabbed her mane and pulled for all I was worth. With a final thrust, I fired my seed into her hot ***. I almost passed out with the sensation—I had never had it like this before.

We moaned and rocked and a felt an easy piece. I started to pull out and she begged me to leave it in. I rolled to her left, still deep in her *** and felt like I was drifting off. “You’re not done yet mister”, she snarled. I smiled and knew this night was just beginning.

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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

wow the risl was worth it... hope you see her still every now and again

the way i like it

Yes - we lose our sense of adventure with age.

That was brave, wild, insane and totally cool!