The Incredible Intimacy Of Dual Stimulation

One particular mind **** I really enjoy is providing dual stimulation. I love having my well lubed **** slowly ******* in and out of my partner's *** hole while at the same time tongue kissing her deeply. The woman needs to be just a little shorter than me for this to work right but when it does work its mind blowing.

I had one partner who was particularly crazy about this. She'd slowly squeeze my **** with her *** while hungrily sucking my tongue into her mouth. Occasionally we'd part the kiss just a little to gaze into each others eyes while my **** continued to pump in and out of her ***. Eventually she'd get so turned she just had to *** and we'd end the kissing and with my face close to hers, our eyes locked, I'd **** her *** hard and deep, increasing in speed until we both orgasmed, usually her first, with me close behind.

For women that don't quite meet the size requirements for this position, I also enjoy finger ******* their *** while kissing. For some women who enjoy anal stimulation, the dual action of the lubed fingers probing their *** and the kissing drives them wild until they can think of nothing other than having my **** replace my finger in their *** hole.

sexyloveman sexyloveman
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Yes, but dual stimulation for both, a plug for me and a plug for my wife ...