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I Am Very Femme But Attracted To Androgynous Women

but like tonight. Here I am out with 3 tomgirls and they are all talking about sports. The marine was talking about how her roommate is so girly and brought in a pink rug and purple bath towels and they are all laughing like you poor dude.

I just didn't fit in. :(

I know some femmes are into sports and can talk about football with the best of them but i'm just not there.

Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 7 Responses Nov 14, 2009

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Your post makes sense. I would like to chat more. <br />
I think I must be a Andogynous femme if I understand it correctly. I'm on the run right now, I'll figure out his to upload a picture from my sparklingkaren8890 account xxatxx xoxgmailxoxo, feel free to contact me !

Solitaire....I am still working on that lol.

That was a bit disrespectful on their part to not consider the feelings of everyone that was present. There is a time and place for that but more importantly they should have included you and could have found a mature way to do so. I hope you have found a more mature crowd to hang with!

StarsOfFaith...your a real sweetie :) Thanks

it sucks that you were in that situation and I hope you dont think that all tomgirls are like that. If i was there i would have included you in the conversation and talk about something you like. hope that you find better people to hang out with!!! Good Luck

thanks :)

I hear you. I wish I could find a group that I fit in with. Once you are out of school it is hard. Most girls around where I live love to go out drinking and talking about sports. I don't know if I could tell the differencce between a softball and a baseball..haha. But seriously- it is lonely out there. I hope you find the right group of friends soon. Best wishes