A Lot of People Don't Know About This Wonderful Artist...

I was in my art class today and we learned about a natural artist named Andy Goldsworthy. He makes art out of leaves, rocks, stones, twigs, minerals; nothing man-made. And he doesn't put it on a canvas, he makes the image right where he found it. I can't really give you a story other than he is now my favorite artist. Please go to google and seach 'Andy Goldsworthy' or watch this video clip from his film 'Rivers and Tides.' I HIGHLY recommend watching it, even for those who don't appreciate art. He is extremely entertaining to watch.



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I love his stuff! <br />
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And I have been doing this kind of thing myself for years. I used to leave bundles of leaves, gumnuts and sticks, twisted around with grass-stems, hanging from the branches of trees in my local park. I had a kind of fantasy that kids would see them and think they were made by tree-pixies, or something. I might start doing it again, and take some photos of them!

I hugely admire Andy Goldsworthy. I have a picture book of his wonderfully inspired art, and every now and then I take out the book and marvel......He even inspired me to make creations of my own in the forest near my home, and leave them for time and circumstance to play their part. My neighbours talked about them and took pictures, but nobody ever knew it was me.....