I Pwn Nerds, It's No Big Deal

Surely you are all aware of the plague that is affecting our society, the plague of ******* noob *** nerds. If you don't know how to spot one of these ****** noobs here is a check list for you to look for to point them out and make fun of them in front of your friends.

1. They are fat virgins

2. They eat doritos as a full course meal and wash it down with Mountain Dew

3. They act like a diaper baby

4. Are of French decent

5. ****** puuuuuuuussies

If you see any of these signs or smell the signs on your street make sure to pwn their *** on whatever video game you play or pwn them in real life by giving them a severe and painful wedgie. Wedgies have been a kind of forgotten tradition which I think should be brought back... AGAINST ****** ***** *** NERDS.
PunkGoesCrunk PunkGoesCrunk
31-35, M
3 Responses May 10, 2012

i get tea bagged by nerds all too often.. its humiliating, but their sweaty hairy ball sacks need cleaning, so it is kind of a public service i provide.


Wait, you open your mouth while getting tea-bagged????

only for punk.

i'm just a dirty minger who is very much bovvered!

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Isnt that why you installed the waist high coat hanger? So you can wedgie yourself?

dont you fall into #2, #3 and #5?

idk i think he might fall under all 5 O.O