For Whom..?

Animated movies are great to watch I think they cool, fantastic funny and can be meaningful movies also for all people and ages

I guess the question is to whom and to what age range did those movies were intended when they had been made by the creators of the movie

some people when they see you watching these movies and you are an adult person start making fun of you, saying that these movies intended only for children

When you ask them to watch these movies they say "hey what do you think i am ? a kid"

are they really for kids. I guess not i enjoy animated movies very much especially those movies that were made by computers after the development of computer sciences which called computer animated movies

Like A bug's life, Antz, Toy story, Ice age and many others

Not to mention the cool Japanese anime movies which are the best in the world with deep story and drawing of characters are so great
man7337 man7337
36-40, M
Jan 10, 2013