Plenty Of Reasons To Watch And Appreciate Animation

One prominent reason I like these films is nostalgia.. "The Lion King" will always evoke good memories and feelings from times past, 'cause it was such a favorite through childhood. I hadn't seen it for many years, prior to the last time, and so I found it incredibly entertaining.  There was a strange mix of familiarity and yet it all seemed so new, as I was appreciating it differently this time around.. able to see for once how truly well-done it is.  Some of the best 2D animation, in in my opinion. Besides, anthropomorphic animals have always been really cool to me.

Apart from the nostalgia that these films can bring about, an animated movie can also almost always be so trippy to watch.. a real visual experience. The possibilities with animation are unlimited, and in a more balanced manner than that of CGI in live-action. One movie that comes to mind in particular is "Ratatouille".. admittedly, I happened to be wasted the two times I've seen it, but still, I'm always amazed by some of the cool action going on in that one. Good movie in general, too.

I'm also really happy with "Finding Nemo", which I had avoided watching but am glad to have finally done so (I don't even like fishes, but I loved the animation and comedy going on there). "WALL-E" was also one of the best that I've come across, it's just so insanely advanced for a family film.. a ton there for anyone to enjoy; pretty daring with its generally sad and somewhat dark undertones. They pulled off the whole thing very well. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" is another recent one that I'm glad to have watched, and I was amazed on so many levels.. loved the quirky sense of humor and stop-motion puppets; turned out GREAT. Very unique film, that one.. a script and style that surpasses labels such as 'family film' in my opinion. Plenty of cool anthro animals to go around, and it's hard to go wrong with George Clooney's voice, if you ask me.

Not all animated films are good, of course, but there are some gems out there that I'm happy to have seen.. can't wait to check into more as time goes on.

wtfwolf wtfwolf
18-21, M
Feb 8, 2010