No, I love anime. To the point where I can't stand regular TV. Oh, did you watch the latest blah blah blah? NO! I watched Bamboo Blade last night and it was terrific! Best to start from the beginning though. I suppose it starts before I got into anime. My late grandfather was an advent collector of Japanese antiques, which is how I was introduced to the whole culture to begin with. So I was a complete Japan-o-file by the time I was 8. Then Sc-Fi Channel advertised "cartoons from Japan" so I had to check it out. What did they show? The seminal master piece Akira (censored of course). Then I got into Dominion Tank Police, Sailor Moon, Dragonball (before they got all explosion happy) and Card Captor Sakura. Recently, I watched the Persona 4 anime. It got a lot of bad reviews, but I thought it was really good. About as good as a grind-happy JRPG turned into an anime can be. Also, there are some series that I can't watch with other people. Why? Because I will cry. Anytime there's a theme of the bonds of friendship, the waterworks start going.
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To be completely honest with everyone that will be reading this comment.I will start with the beginning.<br />
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I first fell for anime with Dragon Ball z and Sailor Moon and even some gundam series.I didn't even know what the hell anime was until I fell in love with DBZ and sailor moon.<br />
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When I got my own computer when I was 13 I was already watching dragon ball z and a few other "Cartoons" on cartoon network and once I found out that people where watching cartoons online I started looking up dragon all z online and found out at 13 years old that dragon ball z was actually called a Japanese anime.<br />
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So once I found out that it was something called Japanese anime.I decided to look up different Japanese animes and then I started watching things like hellsing and gundam series as well as starting watching Japanese anime with English subtitle.<br />
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Now I am no longer into dragon ball z but I am into watching anime and amvs online on and now I watch animes like Brave 10 and high school of the dead and ghost stories and ghost hunt and other animes.And now I am also interested in Japanese items such as Tea sets and Saki sets and so on.I am trying to design my bedroom Japanese style.

yeah I love anime too... My favourites are Samurai X, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lelouch Rebellion, Ghost Hunt, and Natsume Youjinchou. I currently watch Last Exile and fate/zero.